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Newbie needs help: post race question + general training


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This is my first time posting on this forum. I'm 5 days into this terrifying experience. Psych is still strong but I have some questions on fueling. 

I am mainly a climber and wanna-be runner. I train 2-3 hours for climbing 3x/week. I'm in the conditioning phase for the season which includes strength training (light), mobility, and focusing on volume while bouldering.  I also run 30-45 min. 2-3x/ week (very low volume (under 12 miles/week). Today I had a 10K race - nothing too big - but TOTALLY crashed halfway through. I didn't expect to do well, but I didn't expect to struggle / suffer so much. It was awful. 

Thus far, the way I've been managing my fueling for workouts is: by eating a banana or apple + almond butter and/or lara bar - sometimes I'll add a boiled egg or two. I eat this during or after my workout.


I have 2 questions:

1) Is it normal to crash so hard athletically 5 days in?
2) Am I eating too much fruit? While my 3-4 fruits/day is certainly over what is recommended - I've been using it to compensate for my training and only eat that much on training days. Is there something better to use? 

Sorry for all the questions! Thanks!


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Okay newbie... It is normal to have legs of lead during your first week or two of a Whole30. It sucks, but it passes and ultimately you can perform as good or better than before. There is nothing you can do as your body is learning to burn fat efficiently to escape the lead leg phenomenon. 


What you are eating around workouts is all wrong!!! Before workouts, eat a small amount of protein and fat. Do not eat fruit or starchy veggies. During workouts that last less than 20 miles, you probably don't need anything but water. Eating fruit or a larabar means you are adding hard to digest fiber in your gut where it can cause trouble. And fruit preferentially replenishes liver glycogen, not muscle glycogen. Immediately after a workout, your muscles need protein. To get protein to your muscles while they are especially ready to eat, you must eat lean protein. Fat slows digestion and makes the protein late to your muscles. Starchy veggies replenish muscle glycogen, so the classic post-workout food along with lean protein is baked sweet potatoes, butternut squash, etc. 


Study the meal planning template again...


How much to eat
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