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This might sound silly, but anything you hate or won't do during the week (noisy, too tired, makes a mess, takes time in the oven, etc) and anything that's better to have ready for breakfast without cooking on Monday morning.


I like to do my mayo as I prefer it "set" from the fridge and I hate doing it early in the morning as it's so noisy.

If I'm baking any "muffin" or egg cup type things for breakfasts or lunches I like to do these too, so they have plenty of cooking / cooling time and I don't need to rush anything in the morning.


It really depends what I'm cooking for the week.

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I like to do a protein cook - a tray of roasted chicken thighs, a panfull of ground meat, possibly a crack pot pork or beef roast. I also roast a few trays of vegs. Quality fresh vegs are limited where I live this time of year so I dump the frozen vegs on a cookie sheet. A few sweet potatoes, maybe some blended soup and I'm good to go.

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So I'm pretty new, only on Day 7, but here's what I've learned after my first week:


Last week, I made a big pot of beanless chili and another pot of soup to have in the freezer as grab-and-go lunches or dinners if needed.

But, we made salmon patties Monday night and crock pot BBQ chicken on Tuesday and we've been eating those with salad/veggies all week. I think we only took one container of chili out between the two of us. So no need to go as crazy as I did. :)


Sweet potatoes they take FOREVER to bake perfectly, so it's good to have some already done!

Also, I steamed like four heads of broccoli yesterday but kept it pretty crisp, so when we nuke it to reheat it, it's perfect! No standing around waiting for it to be done to have with meals. I've been digging it with my eggs in the mornings!


Made some homemade breakfast sausage that I froze in advance and SO glad that I did; we've both had that with breakfast a few times. Three pounds of ground turkey got me 20 patties.


Also, condiments. I must make more ketchup and more mayo to have for the week.

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Day 22 and think I have the batch nailed. Similar in my Sunday batch cook as above. Mayo, curry sauce, butternut squash and ginger soup, sausage patties, salmon cakes, 2 trays roast veg, one chicken and venison or pork slow cooked, chilli. Keeps me and hubby right for a few days before another cook session on Thursday. Takes us both about 2 hours to get it all done. Must do the broccoli katieblue good idea. What's the muffin, egg cup things praxis? Did I miss them in the cookbook, sound good.

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On Sundays I prep all of our lunches for the week. An easy one to prep is 1-2 lbs of ground turkey with taco seasoning, mashed sweet potatoes, and frozen green beans. I portion it out into 5 Tupperware containers and eat one each day--if you're concerned about food safety, you can put two in the freezer and pull them out for Thursday and Friday. So now lunch is done with minimal prep.


For dinners I would prep on Sunday meals for the week. A break down might look like:

For Monday and Tuesday: 1 pot whole30 chili with lots of veggies, 3 baked potatoes (eat M/T dinners and freeze leftover portions)

For Wednesday and Thursday: Stuffed Peppers with ground beef, diced tomatoes, onions, mushrooms (eat W/T, can freeze leftovers)

For Friday: Whole30 Meatloaf--you can prep and then freeze and pop in the oven when you get home, or if you don't worry about the texture, bake on Sunday, freeze, and reheat on Friday

Sat/Sunday: leftovers from above


Breakfast is a little harder to prep--you can make breakfast egg cups at the beginning of the week or a breakfast casserole and reheat throughout the week.

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