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Day 23 - change in regularity (nuts...)

Jenny B

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I have noticed that my wonderful regularity since starting Whole30 has kind of curbed over the last few days. I have some gut issues and since starting Whole30 (seriously Day 2) I have gone to the restroom every day!  Over the weekend I didn't go but once, and have not gone today yet (was going an hour after awakening?  Could it be that I took out the nuts over the last week?  Maybe that is my magic solution?  Or just need to add more fat in period.  I will have to see how this plays out. That is the only thing have changed in my diet though.



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Your food log doesn't mention many fats, so that could be it. It's hard to tell your portion sizes on vegetables too -- are you getting at least one cup of vegetables at every meal, and preferably 2-3 cups? Are you drinking enough water -- you should be aiming for 1/2 as many ounces of water as your weight in pounds, so if you weigh 120 lbs, aim for at least 60 oz of water.

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Hi, Shannon!  Yes, I definitely drink enough water (80 - 140 oz depending on the day).  I weighed in at 170 at the beginning of my Whole30. 


Do the potatoes count as part of my vegetable intake?  If so, yes I think I get plenty.  Not 100% every meal but pretty close.


Fats - I have two pieces of complaint bacon in the morning and consider that my fats - plus I cook my eggs in bacon fat.  Lunch if it is salad I used balsamic dressing (Tessemaes's) - so yes there.  I don't usually buy lean cuts of meat to help with the fat content in that respect. I do not like mayo, avocado's or olives.  So, my main fat comes from bacon fat, olive oil and clarified butter.  I was using nuts to help with fat, but realized that I needed to cut them out last week, because I tend to start to snack on them. 

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So, yesterday no poop!  WTH, I want my regularity back. I thought I had find found the solution to my problems!


yesterday's meal  - I don't measure but this is approximate


M1: 2 eggs cooked in bacon fat, 2 pieces of bacon (compliant of course), and tomatoes

M2: Pineapple/grapes (maybe 1/2 cup), Filet (6 oz), quarter of a large potatoe with clarified butter, and grilled peppers/onions (about 3/4 cup) with olive oil

M3: Chicken Wings (4 large) with Tessemae's Buffalo Sauce, pototoes roased in oven (quarter of large potatoe) coated in olive oil, and cucumbers, green onions and tomoatoes with Tessemae's balsamic vinegar (about a cup).


So, I think I have plenty of fat.  Thoughts?

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I personally think that maybe you're not going as regularly because you're not eating enough.

2 eggs and two slices of bacon with tomato (unclear the quantity) is not a lot of food, nor are 4 chicken wings.

I'd suggest that you take another look at the template and start making your meals match.

1-2 palms of protein (not oz... you don't know how many oz your palm is)

1-3 cups of veggies (the starchy veggie serving is one closed fist sized, so the rest should be non starchy hearty veg)

1-2 thumbs of fat (that's a lot more than just coating some potato in fat to roast)

As far as vegetables, get some greens veg in there... potato is great but what you need is hearty non starchy veg. Some of the ones you've listed (tomato, cucumber) are mainly water and you'd have to eat a bushel to fill you up.

Switch out that fruit for veggies and it's hard to tell what your fat quantities are but my guess is based on the rest of your quantities that no, you're not actually getting enough fat.

NOTE: eggs, when your sole source of protein, are as many as you can hold without dropping. I know you can hold at least double what you've been eating!!

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Hi Shannon. I just estimated ounces. I don't measure. I know I have enough protein (maybe not at breakfast, but definitely at other meals). The wings were huge.  LOL!  Yes, tomatoes and cucumbers are my go to when I don't want to do anything else.  So, I will work on that. I would say that my meals pretty much match the template - except breakfast.  Still a work in progress on that one.  I tried 3 eggs and just couldn't do it. I will give it a go again tomorrow morning. I am all about changing things up to make it better. :)  Thank you for your advice - it really is appreciated. 


I would like to note though that I was regular for the first 21 days of this Whole30.  Never before Whole30  - always constipated and actually been to the doctor for my issues.  I can't imagine that all of sudden I am not getting enough so I quit being regular again.  So, that is why I though of the nuts - I nixed them last week. Which made me think not enough fat. 

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