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Low Glucose Level

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I had a health and wellness check done at work today by a nurse and when she did my glucose level it came up pretty low. She asked if I was hungry and I said no because I had just eaten a great breakfast about an hour before. I've never had issues with my glucose levels before so I'm wondering if changing my eating may have something to do with it?

Has anyone heard of anything like this?

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No one here is a doctor or other medical professional, so if you are concerned, you may want to make an appointment with your family doctor. That being said, if you're not feeling badly, then I don't think having low glucose is necessarily a terrible thing.

What did you eat yesterday and today? (portion sizes, specific veggies, fats, fluid intake, meal timing)... we can see if there's anything to be concerned about in your meal composition if you like.

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Haha well I'm definitely not looking for medical advice, I'm smart enough to know I'm not going to get that from a message board. I was just curious, not concerned.

My eating hasn't changed much since I finished my whole thirty in February.


Breakfast 7:30 am

3 egg scramble with two zucchini. Two slices of bacon. 1/4 avocado. 3 strawberries. Coffee with almond milk

Lunch Noon

Lettuce wrapped double patty burger

Dinner 5pm

1 large piece of cod cooked in lemon and ghee. 2 yellow squash, broccoli and sweet potato (fist sized)

After dinner some mashed banana with a little dark chocolate


Breakfast 7:30am

Slice of egg casserole which has eggs, ground beef, spinach, bell pepper and sweet potato. 1/4 avocado. Cup of coffee with almond milk.

Lunch 12:30pm

1 1/2 chicken sausages with mustard. Broccoli, riced cauliflower, bed of spinach and 1/2 an avocado

Dinner 5pm

1 small piece of cod, two pieces of bacon, two yellow squash, broccoli, sweet potato (fist sized). Green tea with almond milk

Had some dried fruit at bible study to avoid eating the cake that was brought

My fluid intake is about 100-150 oz a day

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Your food is probably on the lower-end of the carb spectrum but nothing to be concerned about.


Be aware without any specific measurements, the term "low" can be quite misleading when it comes to blood sugar. You might just have been lower than others who have donuts and sugar cereal for breakfast (who will get faster blood sugar spikes than after a breakfast like yours, which will be slow and steady). Fasted blood sugar is much more accurate, after food measurements can get a bit iffy as blood sugar is on a curve over time.


If they gave you a measurement, you can ask your doctor about the number (not as accurate as a test, but if it's a totally normal number you probably don't need a test).

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