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Hi there! 


So I probably should have joined this forum a week or so ago - but am excited to jump in now. 


I began my first-ever Whole30 on Saturday, April 23rd. I have a long history of anxiety, chronic migraines and most recently this winter came down with viral meningitis which took a while to shake off. I still have a lot of inflammation in my body and am completing my second round of steroids to help break this viscous cycle of pain. Even before the current health issues, I have always been extremely interested in diet and nutrition, but that interest has since evolved into a strong curiosity as to how diet can truly heal your body.


After speaking with my primary care and neurologist about my interest in exploring my diet more, as a way to recover and prevent further illness, both encouraged an elimination diet. I did a ton of research and landed on Whole30, bought the book and haven't looked back. I was confident that I could do this, as I had already slowly started cutting back on dairy and gluten already - although I do love a good glass of red wine and dark chocolate ;)


Now on Day 6, I can safely say this was the best decision I have ever made. Just shy of a week and I already feel less bloated, lighter, and today especially I am ridiculously happy - almost euphoric. Everything seems easier, the littlest things make me smile. I didn't expect the emotional benefits to actually be true and cannot wait to see how I feel mentally by Day 30. 


I guess I just wanted to say, thank you. I've read through this website, the book and followed so many other Whole30-ers on Instagram (I have a food-inspired account I started before Whole30, where I have given many recipe shout-outs, feel free to check it out: @redhedcooks), I feel so supported already. I truly cannot wait to complete this first round and continue to learn from this process.


PS: I literally had to stop what I was doing at work and write this, I felt that compelled to share! 


PSS: If there are any other mirgrainers out there, I'd love to hear about your Whole30 experience, what's helped, etc. 


-Kelly  :wub:


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I too am on my first round of Whole30. My official start day was 4/26, although 11 days prior to that I decided to do a "test run" as I called it. I switched over to the food plan but was still weighing myself. I am  committed 100% to following all of the rules of the program. I notice my moods are better and someone at work actually said they could tell a difference in me. I decided to do whole30 because my digestion was screwed up and my face has been getting acne. Those were my two main reasons. I would like to say my face is clear but its not so I will just hope that changes! I am WAY less bloated and that's amazing. I got rid of my scale which was a huge deal for me so that is super exciting.


I look forward to hearing how you improve! :D

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That's awesome Leslie, so nice to meet another newbie! I took a similar approach where I started eliminating most dairy and gluten products a few weeks before starting my actual Whole30 - I think that really helps! Definitely made the transition a lot easier for me. On Day 10 now, and feeling great!!  :D

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