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Starting Day 4


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I found Whole30 in a roundabout way through Facebook, and I was hooked right away. Read the book in less than 24 hours, went to the market the following day, and threw out half my pantry on Monday morning before I left for work. Except for missing cream in my coffee, things are going very well. I had already ditched artificial sweeteners four months ago and had dabbled in skipping the teaspoon of sugar in my morning coffee. I went to my first CrossFit class yesterday, and it was the first time that I was not self conscious about my body. I'm looking forward to being that woman who can press her own body weight and do a bunch of pull-ups without thinking twice about it.

I'm four years post gastric bypass. After reaching a low of 130 pounds, the weight began creeping on and then it really came back in force (30 pounds) when I starting drinking wine in excess. I had been trying to kick the habit for a while and was not having too much success. Last drink of wine was a 6 days ago, and after starting Whole30, the cravings are gone.

Saw my doctor yesterday because of chronic back pain due to arthritis, mild depression symptoms, and to fess up to my alcohol habit. I told her I wanted to try to manage those three things through this plan and exercise before I resorted to medications. She was receptive to the plan, although I was only the second patient she has had that has mentioned paleo way of eating. She did fall back on the "whole grains are a good source of fiber" advice to ensure healthy digestive movement. I kindly informed her I am eating enough fiber in vegetable and fruit sources that clogging up is a very remote possibility. I gave her the web address, and she's going to research it herself.

I can't wait for the next 26 days to be over so I can hop on the scale and take out my tape measure.

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