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FitBit Users whole30 group


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Hi everyone!


I plan on starting my first whole30 between July 1st and 8th, and I plan on working out.

I've been doing a program from fitness blenders at home.

I just wanted to get together and motivate each other to keep moving and maybe have some friendly competitions with each other.

Just something to get our minds off food.


So if you want to join, the name of the group is literally Whole30.


Can't wait to meet you.

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I know that Fitbit is a great activity tracker and it's a great motivator for some. I also know that it is or can be integrated with food logging/calorie counting programs and we vehemently discourage calorie counting/tracking, macro counting/tracking etc... Not sure if that was your intent or if you're just doing it for activity tracking... I just wanted to put out there that it can have some conflicting uses.

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