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Whole30 Wanna Be - Starting August 1st maybe?


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So, I've never tried Whole30 before but I would definitely like to! A few of my cousins have given it a shot with good results, one of them just started a second round. I have been having an issue with my weight not going down.  I've kind of already started following a bit of the Whole30 on my own, as I seem to have an issue with some grains/gluten.  I have not been able to pin-point what exactly, but I have been enjoying edamame as a snack, and using mainly quinoa and chia seeds as a replacement for grains.  I do eat rice occasionally as well so I know that will have to stop, but generally, my diet has been heavy on the protein more and more. I used to be a pescatarian, but I have low iron and had to re-add in red meat.


But I am also apprehensive about doing Whole30, as I have some dietary restrictions. I have an issue with dairy (I've been lactose intolerant most of my life) and use soy, almond, and coconut milk as a substitute for regular milk. It's the only way that I get any kind of calcium in my diet besides gummy vitamins, but I can survive without it as well, as I had not discovered any of those at one point and just didn't do dairy for a bit. But I also take the gummy vitamins to up my Vitamin D, iron, and B-12, as I am deficient in all of those (despite living in Florida and soaking up way too much sun). I have tried the horse pill supplements but discovered that my stomach just doesn't break them down.  Also discovered that my stomach doesn't soak in the vitamins via blood tests, but gummies seem to help a bit. I'm willing to try not taking vitamins and just getting them from food, but I can be picky and have some other allergies.


I have read a few other threads on the forums but have not gotten the book yet.....

So! A few questions!

Are any alternative milks okay? Soy? Almond? Coconut? Cashew?

How do you get vitamins? Are the gummies okay? (I only take 2 before bed, super cool brand that uses carrots and berries to dye and flavour them.)

Is Edamame okay? Chia seeds? Quinoa?

Any tips for people with allergies?

Should I just keep at my current diet and hope for the best and skip Whole30?

How do you get around picky eating?

Alternative ways to get protein besides red meat and chicken?

How much exercise do you do with your Whole30 program? (I'm limited currently as I'm recovering from knee surgery, but I can do walking, elliptical, or stationary bike, no swimming yet, but hopefully by the time I start.)


Thanks for all of the tips, tricks, and help! I've already found some cool recipes from the sources that I can't wait to try like chocolate chili!

Also thanks if you have read this whole thing, just trying to get everything figured out before I start.

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That's a lot of questions, hopefully I don't miss any -- if I do, feel free to ask again.


First, the dairy/calcium thing -- there's more to bone health than just calcium, and you can get calcium, and all the other stuff you need, from non-dairy sources. Have a read of this and see if it helps at all.


Many of your questions about what you can and can't have have been answered before -- you probably should read through the rules and the Can I Have list, but just to answer the specifics you have here:

- alternative milks: coconut milk and any nut or seed milk made from a compliant nut or seed is fine, as long as there are no off-plan ingredients added, so no sweeteners, no soy, no sulfites

- edamame or soy in any form: no. Soy is a legume and is not allowed on Whole30.

- quinoa: no. It's a grain (or technically a pseudo-grain), but it is specifically ruled out, as is corn, wheat, bulgur, oats, barley, or any other grain

- chia seeds: yes, but -- all nuts and seeds are a fat source, but they are not an ideal fat source as they have a less than ideal omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, they are a food without brakes for many people (meaning it's easy to overeat them), and they often cause digestive issues for people. So they're fine to have, but in moderation, a closed handful at a time, try not to have them every day.


Vitamins: Gummies in general are not okay, as they have sweeteners at least, and might have other non-W30 ingredients like soy as well. In general, you shouldn't need a multivitamin if you're eating a variety of vegetables and plenty of healthy fats. For the vitamins you know you are definitely deficient in, you should be able to find compliant versions of those individual vitamins, and those are usually not the huge pills that some multivitamins are, and you might be able to find liquid versions of some of them, if that's helpful.


Protein: Fish and other seafood is fine, eggs, duck or goose if you want a non-chicken poultry option.


Picky eating: Part of this is psychological. You are picky because that's how you identify yourself, so quit saying it. Say that you have not found many foods that you love, but that you are open to trying new things. You can learn not to be picky. There may be foods you never end up loving, but you're an adult and can choose to eat anything you want to try. I'd recommend trying foods more than once, and try them prepared in different ways. Most vegetables benefit from being roasted, it brings out their natural sweetness. You can also slice most vegetables really thin and bake them into chips for some crunch. You can change up the seasonings you use. And the method my sister uses with my nephews: find a sauce you like, and use lots of it. Mayo is great for this -- mix it with herbs to make a ranch dressing, mix it with hot sauce for some spiciness if that's your thing.


Allergies: Depends on what you're allergic to, but most things can be avoided. People do Whole30 without eggs, without coconut, without nuts, without whole groups of vegetables -- if you need help finding recipes, I'd suggest posting specifically what you're needing to avoid.


Exercise: This is pretty individual. Active people usually find that for the first week or two, their workouts are not as good as usual, but then it should pick back up again. Don't forget to include pre- and post-workout meals when you work out, in addition to your three meals a day.


As for whether you should skip Whole30 and stick to your current diet, that's ultimately up to you. Whole30 is a big commitment. It can make a huge difference in how people feel and how they think about what they're putting in their body. It takes a lot of planning and prep work to keep up with it. But, it is only 30 days, and you do have to eat something for 30 days, right? So if you think you're up for trying it, go for it. If you think you need more time and want to start later, that's also okay -- some people find it easier to ease into it over time. You might also delay starting if you have big social engagements coming up or lots of travel, as those can make it even harder.

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Thanks for the tips, Shannon!

I did read about alternative milks but I tend to get overwhelmed with lots of information and was getting confused on what was okay and what is not. But yay kale! (I just discovered kale in salads and kale chips.)


I keep trying different pills but they just don't seem to help. Maybe I'll just stick with foods and see. I suppose if I'm eating more than that should work, right?


I get picky with vegetables that I have tried and hated. Every so often I will try again or cooked in a different manner and sometimes it's okay, like raw zucchini is good, but cooked is disgusting to me! But other vegetables are completely out because no matter how I try, I just can't do it. (Like brussel sprouts.)


I am putting it off due to travel for that very reason. I want to be able to start off good and keep it up and then in the last couple of days I have a bit of a challenge with other events, but I hope that at that point I have been able to train myself enough to do well.


Thanks again!


I am curious how others with milk allergies and vitamin deficiencies have done on Whole30, if levels have gone up?

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