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Morning coffee "hack" but not really.

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I started my whole 30 today and last night I made coconut whipped cream (no sugar added! I'll use the rest of my cans for something else) and put a couple of spoonfuls in my coffee this morning. I don't mind coffee unsweetened but not creamy wasn't going to cut it so coconut cream (I figured the extra fat wouldn't hurt since I'm breastfeeding and the idea of drinking straight coconut milk isn't that appealing.) and stirred it around. The consistency wasn't too bad for me, kinda like whipped cream in hot chocolate (that I haven't had in ages due to pancreas issues) and it didn't require me mixing my coffee in the blender.

So if you are having issues liking coffee black, maybe something like this will help.

Question: this isn't like SWYPO, is it? I really just whipped it to use as a creamer in my coffee or if the sweet tooth comes a-knocking so I can grab a spoonful, not to add to fruit or make a dessert like thing

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