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Round 2--Need help!


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Really struggling to find motivation for round 2. My first Whole30 was as much of a breeze as it could have been because I was SO excited and committed. I kept a journal the whole time now that feels like a chore. 

Any tips for anyone who has completed a round 2 or more?? My first round signing up for newsletter and doing journal really helped but this time I don't think those will do.  I had to restart day 1 and I'm on day 2 and sugar cravings/headaches are horrible--I was lucky to not have that part on my first Whole30 until week 2. 

I plan on working out every day or at least hitting 10,000 steps because that is the only thing keeping me going is knowing that results are/will be coming.


Long story short I'm doing round 2 because after the Fourth of July and going abroad for 2 weeks I wasn't able to work out much and my eating habits definitely went more of the "When in Rome!" route, it happens. Just ready to get energy back and have clothes fit as good as they did before!

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You're not alone -- it's very common for second (or third, or whatever) Whole30s to be harder. There's even an article addressing this.

A big part of it is that the new has worn off and even though you know it's worth it, it's just not as exciting anymore. Try finding a group here on the forum that's just starting up and join in -- maybe committing to checking in with other people will help.


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Good morning Allison and welcome back!

You already know the benefits and NSVs of being on this journey the first time.  I felt the same way.  Round one was a complete success.  We went on vacation, went off W30 for 2 weeks and got sick from all the crap in my system.  I started my second Wholexx on July 1st because of how great I felt eating this way.

Working out daily is a huge motivator and keeps you on task.   Some other things to think about for this round are going back to the basics:

what's your "why" factor(s)?  Write them down and post them in a place where you'll see them throughout the day.

what things worked well last time and why?

what will be your biggest challenges this time around?  ....specific events, food cravings, situations, etc.  Be very honest will yourself and write them down.  Make a plan for how to handle each one.

if journaling now seems like a chore, chart your food here.   If you decide to work out every day and are keeping a paper journal, write your workout/10,000 steps at the bottom and end it with an exclamation point.  This is you with power.

Try a new recipe every week.  Play fun music as you cut veggies/do your prep cooking. 

Stay connected here on the forum.  We are all in this together and cheering for your success. 

You've got this...again!  :)



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There's a lot of us in this group - please join, it's helps with accountability and sharing when you're feeling good, bad, motivated, demotivated, etc.

 I think this is my 5th W30, I've quit on day 10/11 of two others. I find that you really have to be in the mindset and really understand why you're doing it this time. I've had different reasons before. My reason this time is because I'm going to India for 6 months in October and want my digestive system in tip top shape before I go! I know from previous how good it feels. 

I started the group above because I knew without it I wouldn't be made accountable. I've also told all my colleagues, friends and family. 

Set your goals and objectives - review and repeat daily! You can share these on our group :)

Best of luck.



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Thank you all!! SUPERRRRR helpful. I didn't give into temptations last night so I think I'm going to be ok once I get over the hump/first week slump! I am very in check with what tempts me so I need to just write it all out and really be aware of what works/doesn't. Checking out the "1st August start" group now! :)

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