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Potato Chips?


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From the official 'Can I Have...?' list:


Chips: Not if they’re store-bought

While we recognize that potatoes are a real food, we also know that eating them in the form of fries and chips has turned them from “produce” into an adulterated commercial “product.” It’s easy to find potato, tortilla, or plantain chips that meet the Whole30 ingredient standards. It is not easy, however, to consume those chips in a way that’s true to the spirit of the Whole30. For most of us, deep-fried, salted, crunchy chips are a bonafide food-with-no-brakes, and fall into that deep, dark area of less-healthy foods with technically compliant ingredients. For that reason, no store-bought chips of any nature (potato, plantain, tortilla, beet… not even kale) on the Whole30. Feel free to roast your own kale, pan-fry your own plantains, or bake your own sweet potato spears at home, however.


That'd be a no ;)

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Hey all, please note that effective April 1, 2017 all store bought chips are no longer Whole30 compliant. This decision was made with our Whole30ers in mind so that everyone can get the most out of their Whole30 and clear up prior confusion. Best wishes!

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58 minutes ago, Tyler D said:

What about homemade baked potatoe chips?

to be more specific: they are just 2 thinly sliced potatoes with A brushed thin coating of cooking fat with salt and pepper 

Yes, this is fine but please be eating them in accordance with the meal template (meaning that a fist sized serving (probably less than one potato) along with a template meal and not 'snacking'.

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