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Reintroduction on your period


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Do you guys have any advice if you're doing reintroudction while on your period? I have dairy today and it's the first day of my cycle, which means cramping, stomach pain more bowel movements than normal (ew gross i know). So I'm not sure how to go about telling the difference. 

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@Lomac - I would not do reintroductions until such time as I was feeling tops. If that means delaying reintros until after your period or at least until the discomfort part ends, at least you get solid results.  Any reactions you might experience could be hidden by already feeling yucky.

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Hi Ladies!

I just finished my 3rd W30 on Tuesday (11/15) and I am about to start my period... I know I should wait until the cramps, breakouts, moodiness arw over to start my reintro... But Thanksgiving is coming up, so I am torn.  I have completed 2 whole 30's previously and I do not really having many food sensitivities, except for too much sugar awakening the dragon... My goal for this W30 was to work towards Food Freedom...

So will my reintro be different? Can I have a bite of two of stuffing and a piece of apple pie and go back to eating on plan the next day?  Or should I reintroduce gluten containing grains and sugar separately? If I am being totally honest, i had a teensy bit of honey in my tea tonight...

I am so bad at reintro... So any suggestions, constructive criticisms are welcome!!!! 

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