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Need a sugar exorcism

Snappy Shark

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Well, I just had my first serious off-roading experience.

I finished my Whole30 about a month ago, and the only off-roading I've done since then was trying a dab of Kerrygold butter (lactose intolerant!), eating some insidious extra sugar here and there (see also: roasted red-pepper angst), and having a sugar-free cocktail on two separate (special) occasions. Otherwise, I've been happily preparing my meals in Whole30-fashion, toting around homemade pickled eggs and carrot sticks wherever I go and haven't been even tempted to go off-plan. I'm finishing up my first month of CrossFit and I've been feeling better than ever. What a model paleo citizen I've been!

I don't know what happened to me tonight, however. Despite having a perfectly satisfactory, balanced dinner, I found myself with a serious case of the MUNCHIES. Like I haven't had them in months. I almost never feel like eating fruit these days, but I tried having half of apple. Not what I needed. I opened the freezer, and found the bag of dark chocolate chips that I haven't touched in probably three months. I went through my entire Whole30 and the last month without being so much as tempted, but I could not stop myself this evening. I had a couple of them, and then proceeded to eat 3 handfuls.

Well, I have to say that I certainly got whatever was making me feel so munchy out of my system, but I'm feeling pretty darn awful right now. My period is two weeks late (compliments of overhauling my diet and starting CrossFit, I'm sure), and not only is my abdomen angry because of that, but now it is crampy, bloated and making foreboding rumbling noises. I feel like vomiting, honestly.

I'm not really sure what to take away from this experience. Clearly, whatever is in those chocolate chips is not worth off-roading for (in fact, I'm going to throw them away this instant), but I can't help feeling like I should have handled my insane, hormonal impulse differently. This is definitely a "ride my own bike" moment, and I know I'm going to have to figure out how to navigate these situations as I move out of safe and happy Whole30-land and back into the reality of being alone in my apartment on a Friday night with a surge of crazy lady-hormones.

I guess I'm just venting a little bit because I'm frustrated because I feel so physically and psychologically crappy right now...but mostly I just feel like I need a hug. :(

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Big hug, too!

Any chance your period is due soon? Our carb needs definitely increase between ovulation and our periods. If you think about it, biologically, the body isn't sure during that time if it's pregnant or not, so it has to assume that it is and needs lots of energy to prepare in case it is. It's not just willpower - it's hardwired in our bodies.

So, next time, recognize your body's needs - it was clearly trying to tell you something. But, next time, reach for something that you're not going to beat yourself up over. You got this! :)

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Thanks, guys! I'm feeling much better today. My period is 14 days late now, so I think that's the culprit right there. No chance I'm pregnant, so I think that I need to let my body get used to CrossFit and this way of eating.

In the meantime, I'm eating plenty of sweet potatoes,green things and healthy fats. Definitely not something worth freaking out about - horomones are an amazingly powerful thing (for better or for worse)!

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Just wanted to say that my period was nearly three weeks late, but I finally got it, and am feeling 1000% better. No more digestive discomfort or bloating and my munchies are at bay. Here's to hoping that was just a transitional "hiccup" and that my hormones are in a much happier place right now... Thanks to all of you for your kind words and e-hugs!

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