additives in bacon?


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Hi, I will be starting the whole 30 in a couple of days. Just checked the bacon in my fridge and I think it may be whole 30 compliant but wanted to make sure. It has potassium nitrate and sodium ascorbate which I'm not 100% sure if allowed? (It also has sodium nitrate which I know is allowed) I'm in the UK so struggling to find anything compliant in a packet! 

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6 minutes ago, jmcbn said:

I make my own, but Waitrose (if you have one nearby) do >this chicken one<, >this vegetable one<, and a couple of different beef ones.


Great, no nearby waitrose though.  I did spot this one on Holland and Barrett which was a kallo yeast free veg stock with the following ingredients: 

Hydrolysed vegetable protein, sea salt, vegetable fat, carrot (3%), tomato (2%), onion (2%), spices (celery, pepper, mace, turmeric, curry powder, paprika), herbs (lovage, parsley), garlic.

I have no idea what hydrolysed veg protein is or if it's compliant though? And also vegetable fat if it's allowed?

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1 minute ago, gemzybob said:

hydrolysed veg protein

It's usually soy or pea based so this one would be a no I'm afraid.

If you have a decent actual butcher nearby rather than a butcher counter at the supermarket he'll most likely be happy to gift you some bones that you can slow boil along with some veg & make your own....

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