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LaCroix Sparkling Water

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11 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:

I don't think they've ever been ruled out specifically. I'm having trouble finding a list of ingredients, I assume that they're the same as the other flavors of LaCroix, no added sweeteners or anything -- obviously if the ingredients are different that could change things.

As long as you're drinking mostly water and these are an occasional thing just to have something different, it's probably okay. If you're coming form a multiple Cokes a day habit and find yourself just straight replacing those with this instead, or if this makes you crave a real Coke, then you might want to cut them out in order to change that habit. 

The ingredients are "carbonated water, natural flavor" so it's fine. Without coloring and sweetener it's hard for me to imagine this evoking a Coke but of course if it does one should avoid it. 

To me it sounds vile so I'll be sticking to my fruit flavored LaCroix.  :) 

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16 hours ago, ShannonM816 said:


We've been trying all of the grocery store knock-offs.  All unsweetened and naturally flavored, free from all sweetners and sodium.  That said, no other brand can hold a candlestick to LaCroix. They've got the market cornered because they're simply the best.

We've tried the new brands being offered with black cherry (acquafeeena:ph34r:), blackberry (clear) and all of the others.  Bear says, I don't like any of those others, me neither. The first one tastes alright but then the flavor is just a tad off or way too much citric acid with each passing one you swill. Gut busters/disturbers.

All sparkling waters are not created alike.  Our faves...LaCroix coconut and apricot. Mild without citric acid blowback. That is all.  The sparkling water lowdown for highbrow tasters.

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