Kind of stunned and wondering what had been wrong before


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I'm at day 11, as compliant as I can be whilst living in China (can't source reliably organic anything, access to oils very limited, no coconut anything). It hasn't been too hard as I never had much of a sweet tooth and living in Asia curbed my bread and dairy addiction (though I did like making triticale tortillas in my wok for occasional tacos).

My question (if it is a question) is this: I've been stuck at a weight for the past few years that was higher than I felt comfortable with and nothing would budge it. I'm 38 so I figured it was my metabolism slowing down. However, after only 11 days doing this (and barely exercising due to crazy schedule), I'm getting, well, bonier. I'm suddenly ten years' slimmer. My knee caps are visible. My elbow bones. My ankles. My thigh muscles have definition. My tummy is flat. It's a HUGE difference.

Now, I know I can't have lost that much fat/weight in just 11 days. Was it all water? Could I have been retaining so much water? How?

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Yup, extra water can have that affect! When you regularly eat foods that your body doesn't like, it has to find a way to minimize the effect on your body. One of the ways it does that is by increasing your extracellular fluid in an attempt to dilute it. Take away the irritant and voila... fluid balance is restored! I had a BIA done this spring and it was revealed I had 12-20 EXCESS pounds of water weight... much of which feels like it's gone. I have a lot more food sensitivities than the normal person and if something sneaks in that shouldn't, I can feel the water retention pretty quick, and it lasts for days.

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It's day 15 now, and out of curiosity I got out the measuring tape last night, just to see if I was imagining things or not. 3 inches off the waist, 2.5 off the hips and one off the upper arms. Holy cow, that must have been a lot of water! All these years I'd been feeling heavy and thick and squidgy (and many failed attempts at weight loss) and now, after just 2 weeks, I'm radically less so. I'm totally blown away by it all. Curious to see what else might happen in the next 2 weeks.

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I am the same way. It is amazing how much I puff up when eating things that my body dislikes. In 24 hours, my body can actually switch sizes due to bloating. Crazy! Congrats to you, Noboru. Sounds like you're on the right path! :)

I think I just found out why even a size smaller shoe fits me!!! Water retention- who'd a thunk? Xie xie for asking Noboru. (Studied Chinese for 2 years... what oils are you able to find?)

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c_k_b, our local oil supply is really seed based. In the shops, I've found sunflower, corn, peanut and sesame oils. I ended up paying a lot in an import supermarket for extra virgin olive oil. I have a feeling I may not be totally compliant as it's hard to trust labelling here- you never really know what has been added to things. What you see isn't always what you get.

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Late to the thread, but thank you for asking this. This is EXACTLY what happened to me on my Whole30 (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Within 48 hours my ankles had stopped swelling. Every single day, literally, I saw changes in my body. I ended up losing six pounds, which is crazy talk since on my small frame two pounds a month has always been my limit. And I felt full. Like, all the time. This thread helped me understand what was happening. Pretty durn cool.

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Karen, what is a BIA?

Here's a synopsis:

There are some really basic models out there, such as scales that measure body fat. I've had a much more complete test, though, by two different nutritionists, both of which showed my imbalance of extra vs. intra cellular fluid.

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