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Hello Whole30er's!

I am embarking on my first business trip while on Whole30. I do this yearly cross-country event for my company (TX, to FL, to CA) and it is typically super fast paced and stressful. I want to go in with a solid plan, but am nervous about having to dine out, or the stress getting to me.

Does anyone have similar experience with stressful work trips? Luckily, mine is only 3 days! 

Do you guys take a cooler inside your carry on, or is that over the top?

I have read up and plan on taking the following (I know my first hotel has a mini fridge and micro) in a cooler in my carry on:

- hard boiled eggs

- baby carrots

- almond butter 

- Epic meat

- larabars

- thinking about making and taking some homemade dressing?

- Tuna packets


Any other suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated! Once I get past this hurdle, I will feel like I am in the clear for my January Whole30!

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