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Not Hungry! Day 15...

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Hey everyone! I'm on Day 15, been pretty strict, but last week I haven't had an appetite. 

I am struggling to force myself to eat more than two meals a day. Sometimes it is only one meal, and two small snacks.

I work a desk job, try to work out daily, and get around 8,000 steps. (I don't have a car, I walk/take bus).

Any suggestions? Is this just food boredom? I want to keep going but my energy level is so low, and I think it's tied.

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Please eat the three meals a day, according to the template, even if it is on the low end of the amounts recommended. Doing this will help reset your hormones which may be a part of the problem.

Can you tell us more about your meals, sleep, stress, water and caffeine intake over the last 3 days or so? We may be able to help you fine tune.

Suggestion: Take 30 minutes a day to do some calisthenic type things, start easy with exercises you are familiar with or ask a trainer if you need help. A few you might like: air squats, jumping jacks, pushups.

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Thank you! I do workout 30 min each day. Usually cardio and dome weights, and on low days yoga!


meals generally look similar, though I don't start eating until about 9:30-10am, and then lunch is around 12:30-1pm and dinner is at 6-7pm  

B: egg, chicken apple sausage, and cooked apples, sweet potatoes and walnuts. On busy days, I don't always get the egg  

Lunch: Leftovers from a dinner meal. Usually fist sized protein and cup of veggies, and a piece of fruit. 

Dinner: For example, tonight we're having balsamic beef roast in crockpot with broccoli, carrots, potato, onion. So mostly meat and veggies. 

If I get hungry at work, I have epic jerky and cashews  

My my issue is when I'm not hungry, I get really sick to my stomach forcing myself to eat, but I do try, I know I need to eat but I've never been one to get three meals in a day, and it's just been a bigger struggle the last few days. 

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