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Agave Necter


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I am confused about Agave.

While out shopping I bought bottle of Unsweetened Organic Lemon Rose water to drink. 

The ingredients were.. Purified Water, Lemon essence, Rose essence and agave necter

My shopping companion checked what Agave necter was and what she found was it was just cactus juice. It was organic...So I went for it

Later while trying to find out if I could order the drink on Amazon..... I Iooked it up further and found it is actually used as a sweetener 

So now I am confused.... would it be considered just a mixed juice drink?  compliant? non-compliant?



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My opinion is it's a sweetener so it's not compliant.

Juice is discouraged for drinking on a Whole30, although many of us drink Lacroix or other "naturally flavored" and unsweetened fizzy waters.

It's best to drink water. Put your own splash of lime or lemon in it.

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I do drink LOTS of water... roughly a gallon a day...(sometimes it just boring!! and I dont like fizzy waters)

I dont think I heard of or to the best of my knowledge had agave before

Adding it to my list to avoid!..(but I AINT! starting over!! lol)


Ultrarunnergirl... thank you for that list.. I dont think I have seen that before!!! that will be handy!


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