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Bone Broth Fail?


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I'm new here, and I'm doing a pre-Whole30 trial run - I plan to do my first Whole30 after a Valentine's Day getaway.

I'm trying out some of the recipes in advance - to get a feel for the cooking times, and to pre-plan some meal strategies.

I made some chicken bone broth (from a roasted chicken carcass and the rest of the ingredients from the Whole30 recipe.)

The broth smells good - but I can hardly bear to drink it! It makes me nauseous and I've had to run to the bathroom after drinking it (up until today - today just nausea and headache).

I've added a little salt and a drop of Tabasco to the broth, and I can get it down easier that way.

I've been eating Whole30 compliant for about a week - meals without the broth are delicious and satisfying.

Is my digestive system just that messed up that it can't handle the broth yet? (I do know my digestive system is in need of healing - I have IBS and GERD and type 2 diabetes) - or maybe there is something wrong with this batch of broth? (I would have thought it would smell bad if it was off?..?)

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Did you store your bone broth properly? Refrigerate it after you made it? Keep it too long in the refrigerator before eating it? Bone broth is an especially receptive breeding ground for bacteria.

If I were you I'd throw it out and start again.


Or you could be coming down with something.

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Is this your first bone broth experience?  Have you ever had any problems before with other broths?

Are you straight drinking it or adding it to recipes?  Or both?  Is it problematic in both situations?

Are there any other foods in your past that have given you a similar reaction/feeling?  Any spices that you weren't used to that maybe you used?

(I am asking not because I have any good ideas but because I am trying to think of possible causes.  I've never had anything quite like that.  Although, off hand, don't eat anything that you know makes you puke.)

What a bummer, I'm sorry you're experiencing this.  Broth is usually very good for the gut.

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I think I will throw it out and try again. I think I refrigerated the broth soon enough, and it's been in the fridge for about 4 days - but you never know.

i have made chicken soup (or maybe it was turkey soup) from scratch before, and it was fine.

I am straight drinking it. When I make a fresh batch, I will try adding it to recipes first.

All the ingredients in the broth are foods that are familiar to me.


Thanks for your help and suggestions!

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