Dairy vs. Broccoli (they BOTH give me gas)!


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So I totally killed my flow and ate a bag of pretzels last night. Thankfully, I was only on day 5. I spent hours and hours salivating over the thought of a bread product and I just couldn't take it anymore. I also have OCD and a history of disordered eating, so I'm faced with a million triggers each day. 

I am a total believer in the science and research behind Whole 30, but there is one question that I'm REALLY struggling with. Especially because my brain is not doing well being told that it can't have dairy for another 30 days. 

I understand that eating dairy, for example, during reintroduction can cause a plethora of digestive issues. However, when I eat broccoli, for example, I experience gas and bloating for a couple of hours. Especially when I haven't eaten it in a while. So how is it that both can cause the same issue, when one is a known inflammatory and one isn't? This observation has caused me to doubt the reintroduction process ... and I don't want to doubt ! 

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2 minutes ago, MrsSoup said:

when I eat broccoli, for example, I experience gas and bloating for a couple of hours.

Broccoli is a cruciferous veg, it's also a high FODMAP  (meaning it contains a type of naturally occurring sugar that some folk find hard to digest), and additionally high in sulfur - a lot of people are sensitive to foods in these food groups. And if you're sensitive to one it's likely you're sensitive to some others too.

Many people are sensitive even to compliant foods which is one of the reasons we suggest folk keep a food log/journal - it makes spotting the culprits SO much easier.

Hope this helps!

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6 minutes ago, MrsSoup said:

Is there another resource listing different types of veggies and possible sensitivities?

Not a specific Whole30 resource, no. But if you keep a food diary and note any symptoms after eating your meals with the combined knowledge of the moderators & experienced members we'll be able to help you out....

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