Arby's Roast Beef?


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I'm looking at the ingredients on the Arby's website.  None of their meats are compliant except possibly the Roast Beef.

Ingredients listed are: Beef, water, salt, sodium phosphates.

Since their other meats list non-compliant items, but the Roast Beef does not, am I safe to assume that their Roast Beef is complaint?  

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You would need to ask at the restaurant - it looks like between the first post here and the allergen pdf that there's a discrepancy.  If you can't find the information online, then we won't be able to either so go to the restaurant you want to eat at and ask.

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So, I just visited Arby's and the roast beef appears to be compliant.  The product is cooked in a bag and simply sliced on a slicer; no grill or additional oils added.  The wheat and dairy, as noted above stating that it is NOT compliant, are related to the bun.  The manager was only too happy to place the meat, without bun, into a box.  #savethebun

Keep scrolling to page 7 (roast beef: beef, water, salt, sodium phosphates)

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