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I shop for a lot of my pantry items on Thrive Market.  I have been using close to a year and I love it.  But I am a bit confused since I'm new to the whole30... is coconut flower blossom nectar compliant since it's basically sugar syrup?  It says 2g of sugar on ingredient label as well.  On the site, their brand of coconut aminos is a part of their whole30 starter kit so I'm really confused.  Please help!  I already purchased it a while back instead of soy sauce but scared to use until I can gather this information.  I asked Thrive and this was my response:

"Coconut aminos are made from the organic sap of the coconut tree; therefore, they have quite a bit of amino acids.
These tend to also have a lower glycemic index and nutrient dense.

Coconut nectar is similar to coconut sugar except in a syrup form.

I hope that this information does help a bit. I do ask that you defer back to Whole 30 for any additional information specific to the requirements of your Whole 30 needs and lifestyle, or to your trusted health professionals."


So they endorse it being Whole30 but are unsure, which makes me unsure, haha.

Thoughts? : ) 



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