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I finished my first whole30 in the middle of October, I continued my whole30 by a week and have started to re-introduce foods but feel I will mainly stick with whole30 guidelines.

I haven't felt the same surge in energy that other people have noticed, I still feel like I could easily have naps during the day :( Has anyone else felt like this? I have always been quite a sleepy person so perhaps I have just been expecting too much from the whole30.

My other concern is my bowel habits. I am please that I now go every day (used to go days between so now I feel more normal) but I have noticed that they always float - I have seen comments/blogs on here that this is not a good thing. Do I need to take digestive enzymes? I wasn't keen to take a supplement but this has been going on for about 3 weeks now so thought I should get advice. Also I haven't had a reduction in gas that other people have spoken of, I would love for this no longer to be an issue.

Hope you can all help.

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We need a good 8 to 9 hours of sleep per night. If you routinely sleep less, that might explain your sleepiness.

I'm not sure what floaters represent. I have them sometimes and I've been eating this way for years. It sounds like you've made a lot of progress with bowel movements. I probably wouldn't worry about it at this point. Give yourself more time.

As your gut flora develops, you may experience some reduction in gas, but I don't think it ever goes away. Some foods produce gas while being digested.

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A few comments to your few small things, really just the energy and sleep.

I agree with Tom about a good 8-9 hours of sleep. I have not only changed my eating habits, but a lot of other habits to help actually get to bed and be able to get that much needed sleep. As for your sleepiness, it could be that you just need to add in a sweet potato or other starchy vegetable. If you are sleepy in the afternoon, for example, add that tato or other starchy veg in at lunch.

As for not feeling the magic like everyone else, it is so hard to not to want to make comparisons! You walk into this with the expectation of everything you have read and when you don't get that AHA feeling, you are disappointed. It is kind of like when a friend raves about a recent movie premiere, and then you are disappointed when you actually see it. If you haven't felt the magic yet yourself, do you have specific things that you CAN say are different? For example, that you are able to get now get from one meal to the next without snacking? That you are able to just say no to the bagel pushing coworkers at the office? I think we all just want to jump to how amazing we will feel, yet we all have to go through a lot of steps to get there. I did not hit realy MAGIC until day 29. It was enough to make me want to keep going to see just how good it could get.

I guess all of this rambling is just my way of saying your body will get there, you just have to give it the time and TLC it needs. 30 days may not have been enough. We are all unique and special, and your body may just need a little more love before it gives back :) .

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