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Day 22 - 26 Major Headachers

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Hello Whole30 Team!

This is my first post - I am on Day 26 and for the last 4 days in the evening and in the morning when I wake up, I have really bad headaches and I am a feeling a bit lethargic.  

I have been doing great up until now - any suggestions? Is this normal? Any ideas to help?  

I am committed and will do the whole program and probably make it a lifestyle but need help with this!

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It's not possible for us to give you directed help without knowing a bit about what you'e eating, your stress, water intake, sleep etc...

Can you post a few days worth of your food including portion sizes related to the template, specific veggies, protein and fat, water intake and anything else you feel may be relevant.

Killer headaches at this point are not really normal and are more indicative of not eating enough... especially combined with lethargy.

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