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21 minutes ago, Terri1234 said:

Butter even clarified butter starts with creme. So pure creme to me is the same thing. To hit ketosis the fat is good. 

No, it's really not the same thing. Cream still has all the dairy proteins in it that can be problematic for many people. In clarified butter or ghee, these have been removed. That's why it's okay to have clarified butter or ghee on Whole30. However, if to you they are all the same, then perhaps you should just skip them all -- you can definitely do a Whole30 without clarified butter or ghee, and then you don't have to question it. You cannot do a Whole30 with cream. It will not be a Whole30. Period. End of story. That's the rules.

Nothing in Whole30 says you need to be in ketosis. You will get fewer carbs than a typical American diet because of the lack of sugar and grains, but you will still get some carbs from vegetables. Most people seem to feel best when they have a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetables each day, like potato, sweet potato, other root vegetables, or winter squashes. 

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