Day 6 - Hurt and Angry

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I am just starting Day 6 of my first Whole30.  Haven't noticed any significant changes yet other than a vicious headache days 2 &3.  I get chronic migraines so its hard to say if diet changes were the culprit.  Was feeling better yesterday and last night the entire house started to smell of chocolate.  I went into the kitchen to find my step-daughter baking some brownie / chocolate chip cookie concoction.  Apparently my husband took her to the store to buy the ingredients despite promising me to refrain from bringing stuff like that in the house during my whole 30.  He apologized when I confronted him on it but then proceeded to watch a movie with the kids laughing and eating their treat while I lit a candle in the bedroom (to smell something other than chocolate) and cried.   I  feel like I am overreacting, maybe because I am experiencing Kill All Things...  but I woke up this morning really not feeling any better and I am really feeling crazy...

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Hey @lisa_w - sorry to hear you're feeling down.... It's likely that with a little tweaking of your meals we can help you feel a whole lot better - can you list out what you've eaten over the past 3-4 days giving specifics on veg types, portion sizes etc? Also, how much water have you been drinking? And are you salting your food?

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typical breakfast:  cup of coffee with almond coconut milk

3 egg omelet with spinach tomatoes broccoli and mushrooms  (yesterday I had peach egg scramble instead)

typical lunch: large salad with berries and a handful of nuts 3 to 4 oz chicken breast vinegar and oil

sometimes a larabar as a snack if its going to be 6 or more hours until dinner

(yesterday had left over pork stir fry and half an apple with sunflower butter)

dinner:  3 to 4 oz of protein (chicken, pork etc.)   steamed veggies and roasted potato or sweet potato

haven't really been tracking water intake.  i just try and have a water bottle with me at all times.  

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Ok, so the larabars won't be doing you any favours in terms of evening out blood sugar levels. They are also approved for emergency use only - having a six hr gap between meals is not an emergency. If you know the gap between meals is going to be long then you need to plan ahead - make a mini meal with at least two of the three food groups, with protein & fat always being your best option (hard boiled egg or some meat balls dipped in mayo/guac etc).

Talking of fat you're not getting enough and you need it for brain health & for energy - and also for transporting fat soluble vitamins around the body. The fat you are using to cook with is negligible, and it mostly stays in the pan or gets divided out between portions so don't be afraid to another fat source to each meal - so maybe some avocado with breakfast, and some olives with dinner & some clarified butter/ghee drizzled over your veg... Lunch looks to be okay, but see my comment below regarding the nuts.

Be wary of the nuts/nut butters - they are notoriously hard on the digestive system, and are high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids - plus they can become a crutch. The recommendation would be to limit them to a closed handful (or equivalent) every other day max.

It's good that you're including the potato/sweet potato as this will help with improving your mood - maybe eat a larger portion for a few days, or add some to your lunch until your mood lifts a little. Keep it in both meals if you are prone to anxiety/depression, and if you can eat some oily fish along-side it for the DHAs (omega 3) then even better.

Salt your food too - switching to whole foods can cause a decrease in sodium levels of around 70% and your body needs sodium to function normally. And drink up - water, water, water.... a half an ounce per pound of body weight, daily, is the recommendation and this will really help clear out any toxins & help to keep you hydrated.

Hope this helps!


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