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Intra-Workout Food and Supplements


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    Hello WHole30-ers!

           I am wondering what if any supplements or food are allowed intra-workout (during your workout) and like a banana/coffee BCAA's etc.

           I presume a banana is a no-go for the use of sugar as energy source. Caffeine e.g. coffee is ok?

           I use BCAA's and caffeine and pre-whole 30 would usually eat a banana intra workout.

           I have noticed a decline in the intensity that I could bring to weight lifting specifically; I used to take Amino Energy (caffeine+BCAA+trace amount sugar)  and a Whey Protein post workout and nothing before the workout.

           I have gotten good energy outside of the gym, but that extra that you need at the end of set has not been there for me, is this a time thing? Or a weightlifting thing? I feel like my workouts are at about 60-70% of usual and my recovery time has slowed a bit. 

          Thoughts? And any feedback on this would be great! Thanks!


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What day are you on?  Often the workouts can suffer a bit when you're switching fuel sources to become fat adapted.  You don't want to add fruit in to the mix (which is why our pre workout recco is protein and fat) because it gives your body an easy energy source and you want it to learn to burn fat.

I don't know much about weightlifting but I guess you could have coffee in the middle of a workout... I can't imagine you would metabolize it fast enough for it to be effective for energy and that's going to start wrecking havoc on your sleep, hormones and satiety signals... the recommendation is to not drink coffee after noon so if you workout later, coffee is not a great option.

I realize that I haven't answered the supplement question but we'd rather you eat food, cut yourself a break while you're doing this program until your body figures it out and don't try and unnaturally force it by getting all hopped up on caffiene.

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