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RE-Introduction Nightmare

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its Day 32 & I am struggling with the what and when on the reintroductions.

I had Peanut Butter yesterday morning with no ill effects at all, i had planned to have Peas with my tea only to find out that i didnt actually have any in the freezer.

So now i am in a quandry about how to proceed. i am going camping on the 10th August so really need to work through the reintros before then.

I am out all day on the 29th July & am also at a country fair on the 3rd Aug and dont want to be testing something out on either of those days. (portaloos and dodgy bottoms are not good!)

Techincally i am intolerant to Wheat, Eggs, tomatoes potaoes garlic milk blackberries raspberries & strawberries but have only cut out the wheat milk and potatoes so far (I will doing an AIP 30 days in September when my life calms down again!) i also want to see what the wheat and milk do to me after the 30 days without.

the guidelines on here say legumes, gluten free dairy then gluten. the daily email said gluten dairy gluten free then legumes and i am so confused.

i actually really liked the emails and having to report back to say a good day etc!!

so am feeling very lost (and scared!) right now and these feelings are bringing out anxiety and panicky feelings. i am at a loss as to what to do and it is impacting on my whole day and life right now!!!!!!!

do i stop with the reintroductions what-so-ever and take things as i/they find me and run the risk of feeling really bad at an important event or struggle on with it even though its really stressing me out!


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You can do reintroductions in any order you want -- the important thing is to leave at least two days of completely whole30 eating between each reintro day.

If you know you have problems with wheat, you don't have to reintro it if you don't want to. If there's something you don't think you'll eat any time in the near future, you could skip that. Right now, I'd focus on the things you think you're likely to have while camping, especially if you may not have as much control over the foods you'll have access to. 

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