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Day 5 bloated still

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Starting a new thread here because while I think it is great that people are 'helping' ...bear in mind I am day 5, want to kill everyone stage. I posted about bloat, someone posted that they were experiencing the same thing but all the advice coming back has been for them and not helping my issues at all! So I am sticking to the whole30 

breakfast and lunch has been the same all week: 2 soft boiled eggs, with a knob of ghee and 1/2 cup of sauerkraut, a breakfast I have been having for months ( start out right in the morning ;) ) lunch is slow cooked beef with celery, onion, carrot and kale in a soup with a knob of ghee again, been having that forever too as it can be made in advance and quickly re-heated.

dinner: always a salad, I have always had salad with dinner so not really anything new and day 1: steak, day 2 pan-fried fish with roasted sweet potato, day 3: pan seared veal with minted snow peas, day 4: beef sausage (beef, salt, pepper) served with roast pumpkin, sautéed spinach and green beans.

i haven't had any fruit this week because I don't do well with it and the handful of nuts I had on Wednesday made things worse so that is a no no now too...

why am I still so bloated?

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Ok, so first off you're only on day 5 and there is always a period of adjustment with any change in diet.

You've mentioned a lot of what you've always done, so what is it that has changed for you?

Secondly there are a number of veg that you've mentioned that are high FODMAP, conatining types of sugars that some people struggle to properly digest - are yu eating more veg than usual, even if it's the same veg that you've always eaten? Are you eating any new veg?

Shooting from the hip things that cause bloat would be:

Cruciferous veg
Raw veg
Raw cruciferous veg
High FODMAP veg (& if they're raw AND cruciferous too then ouchy!!)  - think onion, celery, garlic, avocado, sweet potato especially...
Dried Fruit
Fruit in general
Iced water
Sparkling water
Coconut milk

Again though, you're on day 5, and this is a 30day program - IMHO right now you're body is going through a period of adjusment.

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