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Ok.. is this normal?? I started the Whole30 September 1st and I never ever have an appetite. I literally didn't eat 1 thing today and the idea of food makes me sick. I'm constantly bloated and uncomfortable on the Whole30. I'm also very constipated but today had the runs (sorry for the details). I need to know if this is normal?? And im so sick and tired of eating meat. 

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Some food boredom is normal, and people who either were vegetarian or tended to eat a lot of vegetarian meals do find themselves tired of meat at some point in their 30 days.

You *should* be getting past the bloated stage at this point. There are a few possibilities as to why that's still going on. One could be that if you're not used to eating meat, sometimes it can take your body a while to get used to processing it. This article has some tips for people not used to eating meat, and partway through mentions digestive enzymes with a link to an article about them:

It's also possible that it's something other than meat causing bloating. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage cause issues for many people, especially if they're not cooked. Raw vegetables of any kind can be harder to digest, so if you've been eating a lot of raw veggies, you might try switching to just cooked ones for a while and see if that helps.

It's also possible you're sensitive to something else. Eggs, coconut, nuts or seeds, FODMAP vegetables, or nightshades can be problems for some people. If you keep a food log, you might be able to see if there's something you're eating a lot of, especially if you didn't eat a lot of it before, that might be an issue.

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