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Post-Whole30 Plan - To Keep Myself On Track


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Today is the last day of my Whole30, and I have seen some wonderful results. I can't believe I finally completed one after so many failed or shortened attempts! But even with Thanksgiving slap in the middle, I did it. 

I have less inflammation, which is the biggest reason I decided to commit this time. The pain in my joints had gotten completely out of control with my voracious Sugar Demon, my weight had ballooned, and my mood had plummeted. In short, everything I had fought so hard for when going Paleo four years ago had slipped out of my hands because of my fascination with and reliance on daily sweets...for rewards, for comfort, for celebrating Tuesday. So the sheer fact that I've gone 30 days and endured a few bumps and danced a few jigs without treats makes me darned happy. I have no idea how much weight I've lost, since I didn't dare weigh at the start. I know my clothes fit better, though I still have many pounds to go to be where I want to be. I didn't quite get that Tiger Blood until about Day 29, but I was sick for a little, and that might've interfered. My mood is even and steady, and I am sleeping so much better (and remembering my dreams). In short, I am a happier person for having this done.

Now my goal is to not fall off the wagon and send it out of the station without me. So I'm making a plan and posting it here to keep myself accountable, even if no one else finds this or comments on it.

I plan a couple of treats tomorrow. My reintroduction will be Slow Roll, because there are things I frankly don't miss and don't plan to bring back to my diet. I don't miss peanuts or other legumes - getting enough protein has never been a problem because I am a complete carnivore. I also don't miss gluten-containing grains like wheat - haven't had them regularly for years, and kissed my migraines and nausea goodbye with them. 

Dairy now...that's another story. Not all dairy - I long ago subbed coconut milk in my morning tea, and without cereal, who needs milk? Ditto cheese - I tried it a year ago and it didn't sit well with me. But I do love ice cream. So I will have A treat of ice cream tomorrow, then back off. 

Rice is my other friend I've missed, so after I have a few Whole30 days again, I'll reintroduce that and see if I can add it back to my daily routine.

Also tomorrow, I will be happy to have my shaker bottle back for my pre and post-workout! I think. Or maybe I should wait until after rice reintro?

In general, though, I plan a few treats tomorrow, then back to Whole30 Thursday until Sunday, when I'm running the Hot Chocolate 15K. On that day, there will be Chocolate, lol. 

Then back on it until I recover! I would like to reintro rice and other non-gluten grains after that, then stay clean until our facility cookie day on the 18th, then again until Christmas. I hope not to overly indulge either day, but I'm just going to relax on Christmas and not worry about it.

So...that is my plan and I am going to try to hop on here and post my progress...if for no one else, for me.

Thank you, Whole30, for helping me regain control over my food life.

Now, about that shaker bottle...

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Day 31. Started with what used to be my regular morning smoothie - 1/2 cup coconut milk, 1/2 cup water, a scoop of protein powder (whey/milk/sucralose) and 1/4 cup frozen cherries. Almost immediately got a headache and weird feeling. May need to check out alternate protein powders.

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The jury remains out on my protein shakes. My pre- and post-workout did not affect me as much. I will go back to eggs/chicken/baby food until my order of egg white (versus whey) comes in, and see how that works. I have had a little chocolate, and the dairy is causing my head to fill with gunk, lol. So I’m done with that for now.

I am glad to have my FitAid back...

I think I will be glad to be clean again for the next several days!

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