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Hello, I just received a lot of beef jerky as a gift for my upcoming whole30 and an ingredient in it states "encapsulated citric acid."

I realize that citric acid is OK, but what's up with that word encapsulated? Sometimes they put parenthesis afterwards describing what the item was encapsulated with, but this beef jerky does not state it. 

This is the product: SOGO Snacks - beef jerky (original flavor)
Ingredients: Beef, water, sea salt, encapsulated citric acid, celery juice, black pepper, red pepper, granulated garlic, coriander, onion powder, white pepper, in beef collagen casings

The amazon description states that it is whole30 friendly, but it isn't an official snack, so I thought I'd ask through this forum. 


Thank you for your help! 

(By the way, I cannot find a search option for the forum, so that I can quickly search if this has been discussed before. If I missed it, my apologies). 

- Ash

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It looks like the encapsulated citric acid is used to add a sour flavor and help preserve the meat. It's fine to have during Whole30.

Do remember that you shouldn't really need a lot of snacks if you're making your meals meet the meal template (here:  https://whole30.com/downloads/whole30-meal-planning.pdf) so if you find yourself eating the jerky sticks every day, you should really take a look at your meals and make sure you're eating enough in general.

There is a search button for the forum, but the best way to get results is really to google Whole30 or Whole30 forum plus whatever you're looking for. Generally, forum results come up on the first page.


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