Deli meat slip-up

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Hey there!

So i am on day 5 of Whole30, and i feel like i've been doing well, maybe over snacking on fruit/ nutbutter/ larabars a bit much but learning to control that. i definitely have a bad relationship with sugar. What i was really upset to find out that i have been secretly eating is sugar in my deli-meat! i bought the meat because the name was oven roasted and didn't day anything about glazes or honey or sugar so i bought the turkey. come to find out, my fiance tells me that sugar is listed right there on the printed label from the deli. i just have to say i almost died. Now wondering if i should start over!? i dont want to but i just want some advice.

I am also feeling very bloated, and tired. i worked out the other night so i am sore, and i know i will be getting my period on Sunday which could be a lot to do with it. i guess i was just expecting a lot more energy from doing this. 

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You might be expecting a lot from being on day 5 if you were expecting boundless energy this soon... you're very close to the 'just want a nap' stage - go look at the timeline in my signature and see what you can expect from the days.

As far as sugar, read the 'do I really have to start over' article linked in my signature below.  I would also check those ingredients for carrageenan as that's often in deli meat as well and it's hugely disruptive.

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