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forcing breakfast


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Hi everyone!

So I'm doing the whole30 for Lent. This is my 4th whole30, and each time I do one I feel better than the last time. I am really excited. There's only one major problem for me, and that's breakfast!

I used to be starving for breakfast within like 20 minutes of waking, but the last year(ish) I haven't been in the mood for real food at breakfast at ALL. Like, the thought of eggs or meat or any kind of healthy protein or whole30 compliant food makes me want to hurl. Maybe a couple hours after waking up, I am truly hungry.  But all I can manage in the morning that's compliant is an RxBar or an apple, neither of which is anywhere near ideal (I will have this with a large mug of black tea and coconut milk).

Obviously I know this means my hormones are "off", and I do want to change this habit. So is it best to just manage SOMETHING (even if it's not ideal), or should I make a big compliant meal and just force down a few bites as early in the morning as I can? How would you go about this? I hope my question makes sense!

For what it's worth, I'm nursing a toddler, and actually have been breastfeeding nonstop since my first was born in November 2011 (She's now almost 6.5, and I have a 3.5-year-old and an almost 18-month-old). Between the 3 kids I wake up frequently at night, and have battled severe and persistent insomnia since I was a kid, so I do think the frequent sleep disruptions contribute to the appetite issue in the morning. But I've also been waking up a trillion times a night for over 6 years so it's not like this is anything new...

Thank you so much for any feedback!

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We often tell people to plate up a whole meal, eat what they can first thing, and then set it aside. As soon as you feel you can eat more, do. If you really can't manage that, at least have something not sweet -- a hard boiled egg smothered in mayo or guac, some leftover meat with some kind of fat. 

To whatever extent you can, it might also be helpful to get up at the same time every morning, get out into the sunshine (yes, I see that PNW in your location and realize this is going to be difficult) as soon as you can each day. Realizing that your sleep is going to continue to be somewhat disrupted for as long as you're nursing, you still might try the sleep hygiene recommendations in this article to get the best sleep you can for now, and it should help set you up for better sleep once you do stop nursing, since you'll already have a routine in place:  http://whole9life.com/2015/04/mental-health-sleep-1/ 

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