breastfeeding toddler...starchy veg/weight loss?

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Hi all! My first round of W30 was when by my bb was 6 mo. W30 fixed his reflux and I felt great and lost 10 lbs! I ate plenty of starchy veg for energy. 

Now he’s 23 months and still nursing a couple times a day. I am just starting a second round and would like to feel great again and lose more weight now that he is nursing much less. 

advice for starchy veg/fruit levels for weight loss? 


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Hi @aplentifulharvest - we don't give out meal composition for weight loss, sorry! Starchy veggies are going to be important for nearly everyone, just to varying degrees. You can start with the recommended fist sized serving per day. This is the minimum we usually recommend in order to avoid going too low-carb which can mess with hormones, mood, energy etc.  See how you feel and adjust from there.

For fruit, it's totally optional. Up to 2 fist sized servings per day in general. You can opt out of fruit if you want but if you do choose to have it, include it with meals rather than alone as snacks.

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