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Digestive Issues & Tracking BMs


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I am on day 12 and am certainly feeling the junk food cravings and food boredom. Still going strong though!

What I’m really noticing are my bowel movements: days 6-8 I was constipated, days 9-10 everything was normal, and now days 11-12 have been really bad with diarrhea and bloating. 

I feel like all the positive physical signs I noticed up until day 10 have disappeared. I feel heavy and bloated again like I did before I started the program.

Im really turned off by meat the last 2 days and my appetite is definitely decreasing. Not feeling like eating much because im worried it will irritate my digestive system.

Would love to hear your experiences with BMs and if anything changed for you in the bathroom or not. 

Thank you!

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It's fairly normal for BMs to be effected as your body adjusts to the change in food. That said prolonged diarrhea is not normal, and since it's accompanied by the bloating I'd hazard a guess that you're eating something that's annoying your gut.

Common culprits are too many nuts, too many raw veg, too many cruciferous veg, too much fruit (incl. dried fruit), and too many high FODMAP foods.

Can you give us a rundown of what you've eaten over the past 3-4 days so that we can take a closer look?



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Thank you for the response! I had a crazy work week and didn't have a chance to come check out the reply. 

I think I found out the culprit- I had shrimp 2 days in a row and I think I undercooked it. I also added a ton of garlic and red pepper flakes and it infuriated my stomach. What was interesting to find is that I'm not sure if it was the shrimp or the garlic (first time I ate both during W30,) so I am going to eat shrimp separately and garlic separately and see if it affects my stomach the way it did when they were combined. 

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