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Mustard Powder...?


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So I enthusiastically purchased Colman's Mustard powder to mix with meat pan fond, water and tarragon leaves to make a sauce for pork chops.  To my dismay I read beyond the single ingredient of "Mustard Four" to then read the nutritional information that stated "Carbohydrate of Which Sugars."

In keeping with intent of The Rules, is this a concern?



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This post that I made early in my W30 learning was a significant understanding to me of what the difference in food labels mean and how it differentiates  "ingredients" from "nutritional information"

Mustard powder  is a wonderful spice and I use it whenever I need to jazz up something.  But be sure to read the label of your specific brand if it is different from the Coleman's that I referenced-  there might be the possibility that others could sneak some sugars into it as an ingredient (I am a slave to the ingredients list on everything I purchase and some stuff I am surprised to see that sugar sneaks in to the most mundane of spices! ):ph34r:

Happy eating :)

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