Can I have Gum, What kinds?


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Nope, no approved gum as they all have artificial sweeteners. Plus, gum isn't necessarily good for you as it stimulates the digestive process but food doesn't follow.

Google "Whole30 breath fresheners" if you need something like that but if it's just a boredom issue that's driving gum to your mouth, distract yourself with something else; tea, ice water, fizzy water etc.

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Gum was my problem too! 

I had to remove all of the different flavors from my work desk because I would instinctively out of habit just grab a piece almost unconsciously.   It was mentioned by someone in another thread here to substitute pieces of fresh mint leaves.  IIRC it was in the context of a person who was jogging or exercising to try this as a means to keep one's mouth from drying during activity. 

I bought a package of fresh mint to try, and while it took some time to get used and it is not exactly the same I do not mind this alternative.  I also use mint in my camomile tea in the evening.

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