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Not sure where to post as a newbie. I’ve got the date of April 14,2018 to start program. Having been trying recipes and cleaning out fridge and seeing how I do without my stevia in my coffee. Failed the test so far so I may have to try with silk unsweetened milk or just drink tea. I’ve made a pork tenderloin, with ketchup that saws no sugar but did notice word “dextrose” which I’m gathering is sugar on label. I did tenderloin in instapot then shredded it. In place of brown sugar I used an apple and celery for sweetness and it was good. But still a bland tasting shredded pork. Have a lot of leftover to deal with. I fixed broccoli steamed in bag in microwave and it wasn’t good so will try another method. Since I started cutting out sugars, breads it is amazing how just those things make a difference. My 40 year old daughter been following Melissaon Instagram for 6 months and she called and begged me to try this as I’ve just not been able to loose weight and have other health issues that make getting older feel worse.  My next blog will be when I start on Saturday. Still reading. 

Mid I need to go to different sight to post pls contact me. Bootsie

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Dextrose is sugar -- there's a Sneaky Sugar list and also a Common Additives Cheat Sheet that might be helpful for you, they're available here:  https://whole30.com/pdf-downloads/

Don't forget to salt your food, that can help a lot with blandness. There are also all kinds of different spices out there that can help with bland foods -- check out recipes online and see what spice they're using for ideas. Most of the recipes on this site are Whole30, and she uses a lot of different spices, maybe you can find a recipe or two that sounds good: https://meljoulwan.com/recipes-index/

I rarely steam vegetables myself, unless I'm in a hurry and just need something fast, but again, when you do, seasoning will help a lot. For instance, toss steamed broccoli with olive oil, salt, pepper, and some lemon juice (note that you'll probably have to use an actual lemon to get lemon juice, most of the bottled lemon juices have sulfites in them making them not okay for Whole30). 

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