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So, shame on me for not noticing this sugar, but it's not listed on the "sneaky sugars" list!  It's in a seasoning salt that I use, sometimes when cooking.  I've been using mostly Mrs. Dash or other cleaner seasonings but today, on day 11, I was looking at the ingredients and decided to google everything...these ingredients have now made me mad, maltodextrin, silicon dioxide and calcium silicate.  Again, shame on me for not noticing sooner, because I've not really been using this seasoning but out of my 11 days, I've probably used it 4 or 5 meals.  Do you think this will really hinder my progress on Whole30?  I'm not starting over but I will stop using it and in fact, I won't buy it anymore.  Just wondering what you all think.  Should I just add another week to my Whole 30 to be safe?!!  Ugh.  BTW, the culprit is Morton's Season All. 

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