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Hi I am new to whole 30 I am on day 7. Yeah me!!! I am trying to be better about adding more fat to my diet cause I was very restrictive before. I read eating 3 large meals every 5 hours is better then 3 meals and snacking, also that eating fruit with nuts is better. Sooo my question is..am I eating to much!! This was prepared knowing I was going to go for a 3-4 mile jog/walk. 

Here is what I ate for breakfast: 2 eggs with one yolk, 1/2 tbs of clarified butter, half of large avocado, 1 compliment sausage (160 calories) and a blood orange. 

After workout: 1 Apple with packet of almond butter (160 calories)

Lunch: 1 sausage (160 calories) side salad, compliment 2 tbs honey mustard, compliant  guacamole (120 calories) carrots, half small sweet potato

dinner:  Half spaghetti squash, ground turkey (handful)  Brussel sprouts, half sweet potato

possibly fruit with dinner* cravings are rough right now for sugar! 

My goal is to feel the best I can on whole 30 but I would also like to loose weight for my wedding in 8 months. 

Thank you all! Hope you have a beautiful day!!!

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#1 - stop focusing on the calories. 

You're probably actually not eating enough. 

Post workout should be lean protein and starchy carbs if you feel like your need them, not sugar (aka the apple) and fat. 

Veggies are missing from breakfast and there is no need to not eat both egg yolks. Your dinner has no fat, so you can add some ghee or mayo or olives. How does that sausage compare to the length, width, and thickness of your hand? It takes at least 2 sausage links to make one of my hands, so that might not be enough. 

And for my own curiosity, who makes a compliant honey mustard?

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