Whole30 for kids in nut-free/pork-free summer camp

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Nuts and pork are pretty easy to avoid... you don't mention if this is day camp or a sleep away for days that you're expected to send food for...

Google 'whole30 brown bag lunch' or 'whole30 picnic' and you should get some ideas.

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I don't have kids, but I would think you'd have plenty of options.

Leftovers, jerky, hard boiled eggs, olives, guacamole (wholly guacamole brand makes some that's compliant and comes in single serve containers If you want to ensure it doesn't end up looking brown). Carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, snap or snow peas, sliced bell peppers or jicama. A little bit of fruit. 

Lots of other ideas here,  though they won't all work for you:   https://nomnompaleo.com/paleolunchboxes

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The one thing I have learned with kids lunches is it is less about the food itself and more about the presentation. Think about the character on the box tha tinterests them more than the flavor of yogurt. Cut fruit and veggie into shapes animals, flowers, or cars with little cookie cutters,  make a rainbow fruit kabob,  I bought a book a few years back called WElicious lunches that has been a great resource as well. Not all of it is whole 30 approved but many recipes just need a tweak or two and several are good to go as is. 


Our go-to standards have been

Chicken salad with homemade mayo

Grilled chicken nuggets with a complaint dip - brown mustard is great and are many of the dip made from the base of homemade mayo 

roll ups - complaint lunch meat with a tiny bit of homemade mayo rolled tightly and sliced into small circles place them in the container in a way that creates a design. We use a mix of turkey, lamb, and roast beef (or beast as it is called in our house) and that gives us different color variations

hard boiled eggs - draw on them with a no toxic marker when you pack them and your kids will go crazy for them 

Leftover meatballs, turkey, beef, or chicken

Homemade complaint potato salad 

and lots of fruit and veggies!! 

Hope this helps

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