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Hi All,

So I am new to the Whole30 program. I am currently 15 days in. I felt great the first week and then day 7, BOOM the headaches started and it has continued chronically over the last 8 days. Needless to say I’m suffering.

#1 - I consistently drink a gallon of water a day so it’s not a hydration issue.

#2 - I sleep ALOT. Especially now. The sleep used to cure my headaches and now when I wake I feel it coming on immediately.

#3 - I eat regularly. My breakfast always consists of eggs, sometimes potatoes and sometimes bacon. Lunch is usually  chicken and veggies of some sort. Dinner is the same.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is the carb flu? Sugar withdrawals? Needless to say I’m considering giving up, I don’t think I can deal with consistent headaches for another 2 weeks. HELP!


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Are you salting your food? We do need some salt, and when you cut out processed foods, your salt intake can reduce drastically. 

Are you adding fat to your meals, in addition to the oil you cook in? And are you eating 2-3 cups of vegetables at every meal?

Have you cut back on or stopped drinking caffeinated stuff? I wouldn't think caffeine withdrawal headaches would last a week, but it's possible.

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3 hours ago, NewWhole30giirl said:

Yes salting my food and adding oil to all

my foods. I’m going to the doctor today, hopefully they can help

How different is Whole30 than the way you used to eat? I had a headache in varying intensities for the first 14 days. Some days were terrible. I thought I was a "healthy" eater but when it came down to it I was consuming a lot of sugar and alcohol and seed oils so I went through a fairly significant transition.

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You might be sensitive to one of the foods you've been eating a lot of. Sensitivities sometimes build up in your system so you you be fine eating the food the first week but then by the second week have trouble with it. Eggs and bacon are common headache/ migraine triggers. Or it could just be the change in your diet or sleep pattern (if that has changed). Headaches don't like any change, even positive ones sometimes. 

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