Anemia problems?

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I'm on day 8, and have been feeling REALLY exhausted the whole time so far, and have had headaches most days. I know feeling tired is normal at the beginning, but I feel like it should be getting better by now. 

I started this program after a miscarriage in March and a ruptured ectopic pregnancy in June, to help my hormones reset and stop stress eating. I'm taking a 50,000 iu Vitamin D prescription once weekly, which is probably not compliant, but it's a prescription. I was also told to take a vitamin with iron, because between the endless weeks of bleeding and the rupture/surgery, I was a little bit anemic. I had been taking Fertility Blend vitamins, which are supposed to help balance hormones and support healthy ovulation. They have a good amount of iron in them, but also rice flour (the only non compliant ingredient), so I stopped. I really liked them, though, and felt like they were helping (but who knows). 

What have any of you done for anemia? Should I just keep taking the vitamins, and let the rice flour do what it will? Do you find that this diet alone is enough to help with iron levels? 

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There are iron supplements that don't have non-compliant ingredients. I take Feramax 150 which is OTC here in Canada. Works well! We aren't doctors though so always follow your doctor's advice.

You can eat foods higher in iron as well, red meats, spinach, raisins, broccoli, sardines etc.

Feel free to give a run-down on what your meals typically look like. We can see if anything stands out. Although you are on Day 8 and it seems like everything should be getting better, that's not always the way it goes. My first W30 I had a smashing headache for the first 14 days. Plus you're coming to the program already depleted due to your previous experiences. Take it easy.

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