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Coffee - Does it cause an Inflammatory Response?


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Does Coffee cause an inflammatory response? It seems to be an irritant for all things GI, I don't see how it's different here if it causes problems for the intestines.

If it causes an inflammatory response, why is it Whole30-approved?

If coffee is a diuretic, and therefore anti-inflammatory, would the lack of coffee (i.e. as a withdrawal) create an inflammatory response in the body?

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Coffee has both good and bad effects, summed up here: http://whole9life.com/2011/01/the-coffee-manifesto/

The main reason it's allowed is that there are good effects, for some people, who can use coffee in a way that is appropriate.  While Whole30 rules are very clear on many things, there are also some places where you're expected to take responsibility for your own decisions. You can always cut out things that Whole30 would allow if you find that those things do not serve you well. 

(Also, if they had all the Whole30 rules, plus said no coffee at all whatsoever, there are a whole lot of people who would never even try it. I can't say if that played any part in them not making a no coffee rule, but I do think the program has reached a lot more people than it would have if that was in the rules.)

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