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Day 2 is here...The Smoothie Strikes! So I have some questions


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So I dug around on the smoothie thing.. I know I know.. it's VERBOTEN */fÉ™rˈbÅtn.., evil,bad, not allowed and has a big "DONT GO THERE sign and the whole bit.. I get it...

Confession.. I started my Day 1 and 2 (today) with one... so I will do a start over.(sigh) Not really a big deal.. I am comitted to this thing and will just make adjustments till I get it right...besides, I am still eating b etter than I was a week ago..right?

So, just for good info to pass along..the protein powder I had used was the Garden of Life RAW PROTEIN, UNFLAVORED made with a bunch of sprouted legumes and grains. It's Free of everything else, dairy, gluten, soy, preservatives, etc, etc... I have used it for some time. I threw in a handful of frozen organic blueberries, 3 strawberries, 3 tablespoons of coconut organic milk(can), water and kale.. that's it. I had no other fruit for the day on Day 1. I had ALOT of veggies, and meat.

So, before you all shame me for the grain thing.. hang on..

For some reason I swore that I read or heard or saw something that Sprouted grains are something entirely different and ok on Paleo? Ofcourse, now that I am looking for the information I thougth I recall (albeit a distant memory) about this, I can't find it. Can someone clarify why sprouted grains are still not ok ? Please don't tell me that it's bad.. and not allowed. I already know that.. I would like to know the reasons why, if possible (and it's ok if someone wants to get nerdy , scientific ..I can hang)

Second Question- In my efforts to find some info about this.. I ran across an post somewhere on this forum that smoothies are not allowed because our bodies identify and process liquids and solids differently. HUH??? Unfortunately, that was all it said about it. I would like some further information on that.. it doesn't make sense to me. I have been in the healthcare world for a long time. I have often seen There are patients that cannot eat a solid diet for one reason or another and have to be given liquids. The nutrients are all there and go to the same places. What's the deal? Is this no liquid meal replacement rule really more about satiety than actual nutrients ? Is it more towards the extreme , for people who have an issue with eating too much ? I am kicking the smoothie habit.. but I would really like to understand this better..

Thanks everyone!

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sprouted grains may be "ok on paleo" depending on who you ask, but they aren't allowed during the Whole 30. Try eating whole foods for breakfast for 30 days, then decide if you want to return to smoothies in the AM (I didn't).

As for liquids vs. solids, you got it: If you are someone having trouble getting in enough food to be healthy, adding liquid meals can help. If you are actually trying to keep your food intake moderate, solids will give you more satisfaction and help balance your hunger keeping food intake at a healthy level (not too much!).

good luck!

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Paleo != Whole30. Whole30 is very clear on the rules of what is and isn't allowed. Grains are not.

AFTER your Whole30, some people feel that properly prepared non-gluten grains (soaked and/or sprouted) fit into an ancestral template of eating, and they enjoy them enough to add them back in. Soaking/sprouting can denature some or all of the problematic compounds found in those foods. That makes them less bad, but they're still not ideal in our opinion, and certainly not more nutritious than other, non grain options. I personally don't understand (outside of veg*ism), why anybody would try to process the protein out of a _plant_ for a protein supplement. As gross as it probably tastes, beef protein would be my first choice, followed by egg, followed by whey. I'd just rather either eat real food for my protein, and real meat at that.

As for the liquid food stuff, I think I've gotten more specific than what you posted above, but I have a lot of posts, so search may not have grabbed it. The no liquid food guideline is there for a bunch of different reasons, actually. Yes, satiety signalling is the big one. The whole30 works to retrain a lot of hormone signalling, the big one being leptin. Liquid food doesn't trigger a meaningful leptin release, so you're violating one of the good food principles there.

The other big one is that we're also trying to change your _relationship_ with food. It's not in the guidelines/rules, but I'm 90% sure it's in the book, that M&D encourage you to stop what you're doing and JUST eat. No eating at your desk, no walking around with a smoothie, no watching TV at dinner. Sit down, enjoy your food.

Lastly, people don't really think about liquid food as having calories. They ARE calories, but they don't feel like calories and don't register in your brain as calories (back to satiety signalling). While we don't WANT you counting calories, we ALSO don't want you to add 300-400 calories a day extra without "realizing it" with smoothies and other liquid foods. It's like ODing on nut butters. They add up fast.

Does that make sense?

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Hi Renee-

Thanks for the response. I think globally it makes sense. I agree I would rather have a piece of meat over grains or protein derived from sprouted grains any day. But I can't say that about eggs or anything else. I used to use Whey Protein Powder but because of the dairy I have given that up. My struggle is with breakfast. I just don't like to eat until 9:00 or later but it's a double edges knife for me...if I don't eat, I get shaky and light headed . Why doesn't a liquid food source trigger a meaningful leptin release? I have always felt satiated after a shake and it often holds me for several hours. ?

Thanks again

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Hi Renee,

I am interested in this too..I am not feeling hungry and wanting to stop loosing weight so fast. I had been in the habit of a green smoothie that had 1 apple, 1 orange and a whole bunch of greens and herbs for early breakfast, then eating eggs with veggies at mid morning for a second breakfast. I have not yet had a smootie on the whole 30 but wanting one this morning because I actually have lost all appetite and wanted to get some calories in. I'll avoid it for now and be really interested in the reply.


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