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Hello everyone! Looking for other women/men who have undergone thyroid cancer or have had it removed due to cancer  or disease. Or someone with thyroid issues. I’m hypothyroid. Struggling with insomnia , fatigue, hair loss, weight gain, hair loss dry skin , calicium deficient and iron Deficient both big deals! since thyroid was removed and no gallbladder all the other yucky terrible thyroid issues. Like hormone inblances 

Ever since thyroid cancer and removal my heath went down hill 50/60lbs weight gain and battling hypo...and hair losss is terrible ! 

BUT I’m on day 15! Yay me and I have a second chance on life and I’m determined to live heathly  and less plump!

I have not cheated or swypo the first week I had bacon with sugar in the ingredients but not in the listing ! and the second week I took a big drink of coconut water a friend offered without looking at the ingredients. Other then those things I have been 100% compliant! Here goes my concern/question?! And yes I read the books and I’m all over whole30 social media. 

First- My NSVS have been no acid reflux, no feeling full for hours and hours on end after a meal. No belching and feeling big air pockets in my gut. Feeling like I wake up not so foggy. it used to take me more then half the day to “wake up” Now it’s by noon or sooner  Sugar craving is diminishing. 

Now for the whoas me-

I don’t have the tiger blood. I’m still fatigued, still not sleeping please someone help me fall asleep !!! Not much energy more then I had but not a enough to be  substantial and I have not lost much of any weight ! (I got on the scale most of you did too! No judging and yes it is important just as much as the rest of the the Stuff is!) I’m only down 4lbs

just looking for support and advise to put this into high gear! I want to achieve long term heath and goals along with  motivational steppingstones along the way ! 

Is there something I’m doing wrong ? Or something I can improve ? Something to cut out and replace with a better option ? Needing whole30 support . Thanks in advance 

and why am I still craving cheese and bread! 

Lord help me ! I can be around chocolate cake, but don’t torture me with the dairy and grains!


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Welcome!  So glad you're here and working on trying to get your health back!  It's hard for us to suggest items to cut out and replace with better because we don't know what you're eating... do you have a food log or can you write out a few days of your typical intake including specific veggies, fruit, fat and protein and portion sizes related to the template?  Are you working out and if so, do you eat pre and post workout meals?  

I'm confused about the bacon comment because if sugar is in the ingredients then it's out so not sure what the 'listing' was referring to.

As far as the scale and weightloss, please stay off the scale.  It's as much a rule as no dairy and it's really purposefully put into the program.  Since you mentioned it tho, 2 pounds a week for two weeks essentially when you've got a pre-existing medical condition that makes losing weight difficult is pretty good... I wouldn't sneeze at that to be honest!  

As far as sleep, do you use good sleep hygiene techniques?  You can find what these are by googling, there are TONS of articles on good sleep hygiene so no point in me writing it out here :).  Many people take a magnesium supplement to help with sleep - Natural calm is a fave around here and the unflavored one is compliant... start with a small amount and work up because besides helping with sleep, it also draws fluid into the digestive tract and too much can cause bathrooming issues (many people use it for constipation for this reason).

Go ahead and provide us more details about what you've been eating and we'll see what stands out but my guess is that if you're focussed on weightloss, you may be inadvertently (or advertently) not eating enough.

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Berry I can not take the dedicated thyroid supplement  because I no longer have one. They took it out completely. My dr said no about the extra t3 but I will bring it up again after blood work on oct 22 she wanted to run before and after blood work once I completed the whole30. 

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Thanks sugar cube! 

Lets see if I can answer your questions.

I’m not working out. I want to just very fatigued. It’s better but not 100%

the bacon. On the back the “chart” that list calories, fat, protein ect.... the black and white long rectangle said sugar 0 but below that in the ingredients listed sugar? 

I understand about the scale. And thank you for the reassurance. 

Yes I take  magnesium I’ve been out for last few days . But yes normally. I have goggled sleep hygiene and have practiced it and have also tried meditation. Both are tough I believe my sleep problems are related to thyroid issues but I will continue to work on it. I’ll look into natural calm! Where do you buy it? I’ll start on ama in or Target. 

So eating. 

I am getting the whole30 blue apron meal kits this month so it’s for two people so I make one for dinner and it also is my lunch next day since it’s for two. 

I have eggs for breakfast different ways except hard boiled. 

Everyday is a little different some times it’s  scrambled with spinach and onion or like today I sautéed onions and a little bit of avocado oil. With tomato and jalapeños and made a little bit of a sauce and topped it over fried eggs. 

Sometimes I do half an Avocado with everything bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s and a sweet potato “toast”

 I have made potato crisp in the oven a recipe from no crumbs left on Instagram and I have had that with breakfast 

 So potatoes and eggs salsa because I know how to make amazing salsa and every ingredient is compliant. 

Coffee!  I have done Jim’s organic  coffee and cold brew coffee. I make the wooden skillets homemade creamer with full fat coconut milk & almond milk unsweetened  and vanilla bean pods and cinnamon . 

Or  coconut cream with cinnamon blended with coffee in the Neutra bullet I even tried the butter coffee with ghee 

I also take salad I have 4 cup container that I fill with spinach and baby kale mostly. or some type of other green but mostly spinach tomatoes cucumbers red bell peppers and I try to put salmon or chicken on the salad and I am using primal kitchen ranch as my compliant dressing. 

 I have been trying for 30 recipes from Instagram. spaghetti squash meatballs and homemade marinara. 

I have been eating lots of Potato’s ... thinking out loud. 

I have been eating almond butter a few times a week with apples or bananas . 

The frist week I had fruit at every meal this past week I tried to tone it down but the fruit I have is apples lots of apples . Bannas , strawberry’s and grapes . 

I’m drinking about 84- 100 0z of water a day. 

Handfull of almonds now and then. 

All my fats have been ghee , olive oil and avocado oil. (Just got coconut oil) 

i have also had compliant turkey from Applegate roiled up in lettuce leaves with primal mayo and the mayo is yucky . 

Thats been it on repet. 

Thanks for helping looking forward to the journey


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Also veggies in my rotation have been  kale witch I find yucky! if it’s not baby kale.  Spinach, bell peppers, carrots, sugar snap peas, Yukon Gold potatoes, sweet potatoes, cauliflower little bit,  zucchini’s a lil bit, grape tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, jalapeños, onions,  spaghetti squash. That’s all I can think of right now 

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Okay great, thanks for the detail!

When you eat eggs for breakfast, do you eat as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping?  Or eggs AND an alternate protein source?  when you do the avocado and sweet potato toast, are you also having protein?  The way you've written it out is a bit hard to grasp what's a whole breakfast... I'm sure you've seen it but do you make your meals match the template with protein, a plate full of veggies and a plated fat for each meal?  You mentioned one where you have jalapenos and tomatoes and I somehow suspect that you don't eat a 'plate' full of that. ;)

The salad sounds like a good size and with hearty veggies along with the greens so that's good.  When you say 'try to add' the protein - are there times you don't have protein?  If so, why?

Fruit is recommended to be 0-2 fist sized servings a day eaten with meals (so chop that apple or grapes up and put it on your salad :) ).

Just to clarify, you list all your fats as the oils but the nuts, nut butter and avocado are also fats :)  

I think you're on track with a variety of veggies... (hint about 'adult kale' - if you tear it into pieces and then massage it with a bit of olive oil and salt and let it sit, it's much less woody and 'green' tasting).

One thing you can try for your sleep is to put a serving of sweet potato in your last meal of the day - that helps some people.

I think you're probably slightly under-eating but it doesn't look too bad.  Try not to stress about weightloss and the scale - that kind of stress actually impacts your body and hormones and can prevent weight loss... just focus on eating three full meals a day according to the template, drinking lots of water, salt your food and rest... let the process happen and I think you'll get where you want to go :)

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