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Not sure whether I have symptoms or not


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I'm on day 7 of my reintroduction. I've been following the regular protocol. But I can't really tell whether I have symptoms or not. 

- I'm tired all the time: No wonder, because I have a 14-month-old who is sleep regressing, so I'm not interpreting that as a consequence of what I'm eating. I actually making it through the days pretty well without a strong need for a nap, so perhaps the Whole 30 has actually been helping.

- allergies: days 1, 2, 3 I suffered from nasty allergies in the morning. BUT, they started before I had even introduced the first food at breakfast, so I'm guessing this isn't food-related. (My only thought is that I go to the bottom of a jar of homemade ghee on day 30, and I wonder if there were any milk solids left in there.)

- slight digestive upset: day 6. Could be from the corn taco I had the night before (yes, I know, day 5 was supposed to be a W30 day, no grains) - or maybe not. 

The only thing I noticed was increased cravings in the past few days, which may be from the grains (quinoa, white rice) I introduced. 

I was hoping to gain some insights, but so far, there's very little to be gleaned. I'm a bit frustrated.


Any suggestions? Thanks.

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I have been wondering the same thing. I finished October whole30 last Tuesday and have reintroduced added sugars in meat and condiments (Wednesday), dairy (Friday), and wine (Sunday). Sticking to the whole30 regime in between these days. I haven’t noticed any change in energy or cravings. Could it be that I did not consume enough of the reintroduced food or are these foods okay to add back?

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@Megan Rudisill it could be that you didn't consume enough of them -- try to have a serving size that you'd normally have if you were going to include those foods going forward. Remember that during reintroductions, even if you had no reactions, you still don't have those foods again until you're completely done with reintroductions.

As far as whether they're okay to add back, you'lll still want to pay attention over time. A lot of times even if an occasional serving of something is fine, having it regularly can still ultimately cause a reaction. So if you choose to add back foods that you didn't react to during reintroductions, pay attention to how you feel, and if you start feeling less good than you did at the end of your Whole30, go back to Whole30 until you're feeling good again and then cut back on how often you have those foods going forward. 

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