Day 11 rash on palms of hands and soles of feet

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I have had few to no side effects starting out on W30. Today is day 14.

On day 9, my left palm started itching and by day 12, I had places on the soles of both feet (including the arches and some but not all of my toes) that started itching. My right hand remains normal  

The only questionable that food I’ve eaten, albeit a very small amount, is the clarified butter I made (not certain I did that right). I did a 30 day wheat/dairy elimination last year without any troubles when I reintroduced dairy, so I’m doubtful that this is the culprit. 

The photo shows how the rash on my hand has blistered as of this morning.

Has anyone else had this experience? I’d like to continue 30 days but am going to jump off this train soon if the rash doesn’t improve. 


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You might want to speak to your doctor, just to make sure it's not something that's not good related.

Is there something you're eating a lot more of now? Some people find that some foods are okay in small quantities, but that once they hit a certain amount, their body reacts.

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